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Choose from a variety of effective bird control techniques that will solve your problem immediately.

A bird control specialist will evaluate the birds on your property & recommend bird control services & products based off the observation. All services & products are guaranteed!

Free inspection & estimates – And you’re never obligated to service! Contact today for your FREE evaluation – You have nothing to lose!

Bird Spikes

  • Prevents large, loafing birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces
  • Applicable on ledges, rooflines, eaves, window sills, light posts, signs, awnings
  • Uniform appearance, low profile
  • Made in Steel, Plastic – U.V. Protected & Weather Proof

Bird Netting

  • Physical barrier to block all birds from entering targeted areas
  • Applicable on courtyards, eaves, canopies, signs, warehouses, garages, rooftop, factories
  • Non-obtrusive, low profile appearance
  • Made with durable material: Polyethylene or Polypropylene
  • Available in variety of mesh sizes and custom cuts
  • 10-year guarantee on most
  • U.V. Protected

Electric Track

  • Prevents birds from landing or nesting on property
  • Applicable on ledges, rooflines, eaves, signs and more
  • Mildly shocks birds to keep them away – Does not harm
  • Virtually invisible, glues down on surfaces
  • Conforms to curved or straight edges
  • Powered by A.C. unit or solar charger

Bird Wire

  • Keeps birds off ledges, rooflines, handrails, signs and more
  • Recommended for large birds
  • Thin wire attached to posts by springs
  • Creates unstable landing area for large birds
  • Low visibility, low profile

Bird Spiders

  • Arms sway & bounce to create visual distraction & physical deterrent for birds
  • Applicable on boats, docks, light posts, AC units, skylights, signs, rooftops
  • Prevents birds from landing or nesting – Recommended for large birds
  • Available in variety of sizes/lengths
  • Virtually Invisible

Bird Slope

  • Prevents birds from landing or nesting on open ledges
  • Effective for all types of birds
  • Slippery surface creates anti-loafing area
  • Applicable on ledges that meet 90 degree angle
  • Available with end caps to deter nesting behind slope

Bird Gel

  • Prevents birds from landing on horizontal surfaces – No vertical surface application
  • Effective on all types of birds
  • Used on ledges, conduits, signs, and pipes
  • Sticky substance on bird’s feet keeps them away
  • Virtually invisible, low profile
  • For indoor & outdoor use – Sticky, non-toxic substance last up to 6 months
  • Economical & effective bird control technique

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Thorough cleansing & removal of bird waste, residue, & nesting material
  • Sanitation of all affected areas
  • Effectively eliminates diseases & odors left from nesting birds
  • Removal & replacement of insulation if needed